What is Your Celtic Heritage?


 Celtic Heritage.  It is something that has been the interest of many for a long time. The success of Highland Games competitions and the presence of pipers at parades and in ceremonies are a testament to this.  We always want to move forward, but when you know your history and your heritage, it helps you to step into the future with purpose. The book "The Tartans of the Scottish Clans", by James D. Scarlet was part of our grandparents book collection.  In it are a number of family tartans and information on the origins of those Scottish family ties.  It is where we learned a number of interesting things about our own history.


We are a part of Clan Gunn.  Descended from Norsemen  (apparently our ancestors were Vikings!) and settled in Scotland in the Isles and northern Highlands, near Caithness.  There is a Gunn Heritage Centre & Museum in that area of Scotland today.  When this awful virus is over and we can travel again (and we will be travelling again!!), that is on our list of places to visit.

The book gives a break down of each family crest, motto, origins of the family name, plant and for some - their pipe music!  We have our own salute!  And, with the family plant being juniper, that might mean that a wee nip of gin is in order now and again! ;)

Learning more about your family tartan can give you a sense of belonging, of knowing that you are part of a greater collective.  In those colourful strands is weaved a rich and vibrant past that flows back to Scotland and tells the stories and history of us. Some may see plaid but we see Highland warriors who overcame the tyranny of those who wouldn't allow them to wear their tartan, or play the pipes or even marry. 

So find out what your Family Tartan is, wear it proudly and show the world just who your ancestors were and what they were made of. Tell us - what is your Family Tartan?




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